October shades and a birthday…

These are recent pictures I’ve taken at the park I live near. Many more I’ve not gotten around to yet, but these are some of my favorites. My 23rd birthday was yesterday and my mother made not one mention of it to me. I don’t expect gifts or even cards–my family doesn’t know me well enough for that–but just a bit of acknowledgement would have been nice. I understand no one else realizes what a thing it actually is that I’ve made it another year on Earth, so I’m alone as it passes–where I wonder if the 24th has me fully written in.



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6 responses to “October shades and a birthday…

  1. Wishing you the very best on your birthday. Your photos are beautiful.

  2. southwestdesertlover

    Exquisite photographs and sending you best wishes for a very happy birthday! :^)

  3. Lovely pics. And many happy returns.

  4. These photos are wonderful! Ah the color!
    Best birthday wishes to you, belatedly. This year will be your best.

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