Wait, lie, bleed, die.

Crayon drawing

Drove all the way to the new location where I work- saw no one there- drove back home. I hate everything about waking up now, getting in my little car, driving roads with pot holes large enough to swallow it up. I called and lied that something happened with my car- that I’d be back in tomorrow. I don’t care about the job or the people involved or what I’m supposed to be working toward. I don’t want to live so unhappy and that’s all I ever feel.  Separate, unhappy, unheard and always so disappointed. I do want to die. Getting away from all of these loveless people, including my self, and responsibilities that only drive the blade deeper in.

I do have to go.



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2 responses to “Wait, lie, bleed, die.

  1. No you don’t have to go permanently. Seek help, it’s there. Think about the gaping hole you would leave in your wake-truly. I love the color in this piece. Draw more, paint more, sing more.

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