Are they near?

This drawing is the result of a sketch I posted previously. I cut a piece from a large paper bag to work on, which explains the texture/imperfections on the surface in spots.

“Don’t be afraid of the shadows, it only means there’s a light nearby.”
— Amy Lee

This quote was in mind as I wrote the lyrics to the song below. A project I hadn’t planned, but went with wherever it took me. I made cleaner recordings, and although the one I’m sharing is a little rough, it has more feeling I think, for what I want to get across.

To See

Open eyes are never
Enough alone to see

And the kindness you’ve given me…
Why is it never enough?
Why don’t I believe a word of it?

That I deserve my own life…

Must we always have to fight?
We assume this never ending lie
Is worth its sacrifice

Bloodless hollow beating inside
So empty –
How does a heart survive?

For the dark of this night
Its heavy hold in mind –
Will ever be found shadows of light?

Are they near? Is truth close enough for
My shades of soul to fear?


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