By the End

 This drawing is just how I felt by the end of the weekend. 

An old poem perfect for these moments I’m living with…


I remember what you told me
About friends
How I shouldn’t want this loneliness
But was it ever in me to be sweet?
To let them touch me? To let them kiss…

The bent rings of my disengagements
I am owned by my hatred
For all things you believe to be sacred

My rituals always went wrong
And you convinced me I don’t belong, so
I went away and thought I would be better off

For all the times I say
I don’t need love to be made whole
Welcoming the losses as they grow
Lifting me up from far below
I easily let go




Filed under Life

2 responses to “By the End

  1. Such a painfully expressive image. I love the trasmutating mouth and the dark values -the way they bring attention to the inner features of the face.

    • Thank you for your feedback. It was one of those quick drawings I did to help relieve stress. Sometimes pieces like this end up in the trash, but I’m glad this one actually did help…lol

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