Now, be nice…



These portraits are all years old. I’m going to make time for news ones though. The poem below is another I took the beginning and used as lyrics to go with a bit of music I’d really wanted to do something with. It’s just an idea I needed to record- one day I might go back and add to it somehow.

Your Comfort

Not too softly.
It’s always worse when you must repeat.
The flame and its constant burn –
The ache of our constant hurt has
Bitten through from beneath.

Forgive me, but I am your ever present shame
And I must have my say.
Be sure, you will love me so much more
Once I’ve gotten in your way,

Because I am your comfort.
I’ve given you your place
Lifted high, yet with far reach toward your light,
My shadows could drown out your grace.

But I honor, I obey…
And allow you to believe we should be saved.
How haven’t you been worn of hope?
Haven’t we died so many times?
Had our fill of ash and smoke?…

Loosen and let down your weary faith.
Let down this dream of which
You’ve long been awakened from.
I know all the better you thought you’d become.
Unblessed and left fallen –
Set now the sun.
Your wings have whispered sigh in settling –

Be done.



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