Where Dreams and Darkness Collide

“I’ve found a world where love and dreams and darkness all collide…”

An oil pastel and crayon drawing I did a few weeks ago. Spent all day on it for having no plan- just started drawing- woke up in an awful way. Another long poem below. It began from some thoughts about leaves/plant life…

The Barrier

They all have heard your secret
Privileged for the old they can shed
To ready themselves for the next dream
The next age of enlightenment.

Not a year has passed where I’ve not seen
Their peace glow from within.
Their leaves of the sweetest gold and veins so green
Such gratefulness…for all the good of you to be given.

Why not for me?
Just why can’t I join them in what they see?

Completely loved, they are of a light
My kind has never done well to find.
Their motivation – so pure to survive
They are gifted a glimpse of the other side.

All the best for free…
Sorted far from the need of one so weak.

The half way I’ve forced myself to breathe
And for even less do I believe
I can be taken by faith and held close…
An unconditional spirit of which I’ve never known.

Why can’t I be like them – alive with a soul?
Though I listen, I fail to hear your whisper through my
Scar thickened skin –
For this barrier of live blood and bone…

What has my heart?
Where is my home?



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