Lured In

A magazine shot I wanted to draw- failing to get the expression right, and it looks like she’s missing an arm (just as the actual shot), but whatever…lol The poem below is one I wrote months back. I took the first couple of lines and put them to music.

Lured In

Tell me it’s not real.
Show me she was never so true
For this ruin we’ve settled into.

Don’t forget, we are now blind.
Lows of great comfort – a closeness –
A love just enough.

They took us as far as we allowed.
Lost before we quite knew how.
Lured in, you let down the sky.
You abandon faith and further darken the night.

Calm be the waters once leveled by the lie
But don’t forget, there is no
Second chance this time.

You hold your breath waiting
To see that gleam of light
But the window will not be broken –
Our freedom denied…

The desperate need for all to be made right
Has little room left to pretend
We have anymore at all to give.

Understand, your grip is no longer with both hands.
You no longer accept you are worthy of forgiveness.
And from all pasts to present life, wrong you are
To ever question why

They are still absent their warmth and spark…
Buried far and forgotten
Remain the hearts.



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