Torn from the dream.

And old sketch and recent song…Something I wrote out of a bad moment. It’s never all out of me and this was just another recorded entry.

Link to player:

Goodbye (lyrics)

No, you don’t have to stay
You don’t have to listen
You don’t have to want me
I don’t even want me

I want nothing I call my own

Imperfect, so whatever could you need?
I’ve said I am not worth it
The effort you’ve given
To spark my strength in light

To breathe me back to life

I was never ready
This will never feel right
I don’t want you to love me-
I’m torn from the dream

I beg you only


I think I’m finished with trying to catch up. No one is around to try for and it almost doesn’t make sense to keep going for myself. Tired end empty are all I know, and even though I’m reaching out for people- to bring them into my life somehow, I may be overestimating how much good it will do. I know nothing worth having is easily gained, but having anything at all doesn’t feel like it’s worth much to me now. I’ve stopped wanting-  it’s difficult to break through that.


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3 responses to “Torn from the dream.

  1. You should never give up on that, otherwise there’s nothing to love for……

  2. Try to think about what you already have-lots from what I can see.

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