From behind the darkened sun.

This is a photo I took at a park one day years ago. The whole atmosphere there felt like it was trying to tell me something; I’m still trying to figure it out. The poem below started out as a short story way back, but I’m awful at writing them and rather than ditch the whole idea, I reduced it to an extended poem-like thing. Too insecure to share it before, but here it is. I had so many images in mind and tried my best to describe each scene the way I saw it. Anyway…More music, drawings and photos I’ll update with soon.

Into the After

Their roots hurt and ooze
These dreams float around this sky
Like clenched pieces of ghost strapped in dark shadow,
And on the envisioned ground, memories lay
Gutted in petrified display

I’m half way into the after
Feeling through strange tints throughout this in-between
A desolate plane, my last thoughts at the dying note’s cue
A soul has woken here alone
With bloodlessly gaping grief deep in flesh – arm and leg

And from the peek of life behind the darkened sun
I track down its scent and search out its foot steps
My old, put together self’s death greased remains
I find and drag in chains to a river of our blood
The parts I kick over the edge
And all at once- a melt and freeze
An absolute sweep of tangled bones and rot

Then I kneel and cup my hands to sip the old life liquid
Satin sheen, warm to touch, lifted to my wind crusted lips
A moment past and the drain-less gash of limb and limb
Pour resplendent and quick again, and dark reaches to close my eyes,
Fills me up, floods my mind
This world in between separates and falls away in quiet flakes,
Spirit seeping beneath now, at rest


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