For the worse I mean.

Another one of those crayon drawings from after that last session with my doctor. The short song below is something I wrote in just the hours following that appointment, too. I was feeling like a huge disappointment and needed to get it off my mind somehow.

Hurt me.
I deserve nothing less than to scream
For the worse I mean-
An agonizing death.

Here’s the truth:
I’ll never move,
I’ve wasted your time,
Yes, it’s all in my mind
And I refuse to save myself.

This is as far as we get.




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2 responses to “For the worse I mean.

  1. Both your visual art and music are deeply expressive. Use your art. You have gifts and you share them. Many good reasons to feel pretty good about it.

    • Thank you for viewing/listening, Elena. I’m really starting to set some goals now for where I’d like to take my art & music. It’s nice not being so afraid anymore. As long as I can accept what I do and where it comes from, nothing needs to get in my way. Thank you again.

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