To be made safe again.

The Moon

We watch her rise –

Sweet moon’s shy evening glow
Of a warm and whispery yellow

As soon as our sun sets,
I will have a dream for you. She says
I will drift low to you, my dear and
Sing softly into your ear the secret I know.

Your truth
Within the mirror of my shadow.

Be still, for the many faces I have
Will be in tune of those claimed by your past.
The wave of secrets and fury
I swear to you won’t last

As I shuffle through every worn thin mask
And purify the stricken glass

Fulfilling all it takes
To be made safe again.

I wait for you to look up
Healed now and whole
I wait for you to see – forgive all you could never be
And let breathe the soul.

Allow your light to reignite and grow
By letting go.


It’s not easy trying to feel better. Mostly for me it means trading one sort of pain for another. And once that is done, I’m still left hoping another day doesn’t show itself.

There is no ‘better’.


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