Know what I know.

A lot has happened this week and I have no idea where my strength came from to get past my doubts, but I think it’s worked out as good as I could have asked for. It seemed like I’ve been broken down to the lowest point and finally I was given the opportunity to grab a hold again onto something I can handle. I’m slowly learning to trust my judgement again and that has much more to do with not ignoring my feelings than I ever thought. May see out of place to say that, but it’s true for me. My second guesses are always the wrong choice and it’s taken too long to learn that lesson.

Below is a link to a song I revised, one that’s on my second music page here called The Cold. I wrote it way back and decided to just have fun with how awful the whole thing is…lol It’s got to be a step up from what I started with, at the very least. Some ideas just need a little time.


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2 responses to “Know what I know.

  1. Hang onto your art and music. You are quite talented.

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