Settle the storm…

This is the first of five plain crayon drawings I did each day after my session last week. I’m surprised by the amount of color I actually used, but I do think it’s helped express what I haven’t been so willing to acknowledge lately.

A newer song here with the poem below used as lyrics :              As usual, I’m not pleased with the recording, but that’s how it goes. Somehow I had way too much breath and  it never let up. Just another idea though. What I’m working on now is a lot more interesting.


Uncovered in silence, but
You don’t understand the signs

If only you saw it hiding
In all I don’t say

In the tears that drench and warp
These empty picture frames

See now? There it is, my blood
Dripping in your dreams

Where I beat you, break, and scream
And beg you to return me

I’m apart from my complaints
Yet you won’t help me out

But no one’s ever answered, what
Made me think you would now…



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