Now, as loved.

The Mother

This painting was inspired by an album cover idea an online friend of mine shared with me. I didn’t precisely interpret his ideas, but was interested enough to want to finish. The poem below is one from a better moment in time, couple of months ago. But I’m not okay right now and haven’t been lately. The painting may be the last I bother with. I say that a lot but, really…I can’t keep going along with the way things are now. I don’t want to. No amount of pills or sessions can replace the will missing that keeps everyone else fighting the way they do to survive.

Nowhere Else

Here I can be as I am nowhere else
Limb by limb – drawn adrift and
Several layers through, I stretch this
Constant escape of outward breath

My dying heart is pressed.
Soul loosens and departs its flesh
Now as one with the ocean’s hum
Now, as loved

As I could never love.

Far it rests within the dark. A frozen keep of
Pure flame and its single share of wings
The dimmest heaven I could ever dream…
To see the vibrant eyes of such a blessing bleed

Lifted, we fly just for the fall
Strength behind our sacrifice with no meaning at all

Ripple – gently the surface breaks.
No matter how long I’ve been gone
You surround me in my shame.
You console and silence my every ache

Found finally where I belong.
Drowned full and so gracious for
Life within you,
Where I am never wrong.


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