To understand how to fly…

By Any Means

Long before she even knew of no,
And those wide wings ached
To lift her high…

Agony enraptures the spark of my spine
And the cry was heard well past the
Wiser weakness of gone through.

Still I, always the untrue
And you, always the wrong
And both our skies would never fall
Were we to will them to,

The nightmare still remains to be felt
And no matter what worse way I think up to
Console myself, all is useless.
Fear has drained me and I will not get far
Before I am taken and all is ripped apart.

Then sooner be the end to both our need…
Let it come – let it have me,
Let it be shown my way.

By movement of any means
Sweat me of this sickness-
Bleed me of all regret and
Make room
For my mind again.


The painting is new, completed about two or three weeks ago. I used the poem below it as lyrics to music I was working on, which I might post one day once my embarrassment dies down…

This is a short clip of a live song performance I covered. Only the first verse and chorus. Worth being laughed at, but maybe one day I’ll feel nothing and won’t care:

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