For the Roses

A recent painting. I started the drawing for it way back in January and just waited until I’d completed other work before continuing with this one. The poem below is from last summer- thought it was too stupid to bother sharing, but I may as well throw out the rest of what I have. No one says anything so what’s there to fear.

Summer’s Way

Stop searching for the roses
They are sick and want to die
But those daisies love the illness
They love their hum of flies

This is wild summer
The midnights are never hush
Of hot siestas…breathless blur…
All creek and river starved of rush

And its air, so thick, knows to rest
One more, then one more day
Sunsets extend far into west
We simmer, lazy in ache

Soon the storm will strip this haze
Winds curl and clouds will wring their rain
Striking to ash our delusions
Fear split, in wide escape


I’m tired of second guessing my decisions. Taking up that choice is usually wrong and by forgetting it I’ll just save time in picking up the pieces. Every choice seems to create the same mess in the end so it really doesn’t matter.



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4 responses to “For the Roses

  1. Beautifully dark poem! Lovely Painting!

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