“Can’t wish it all away.”

What’s happened to Fear?

I open the eye and blink a few times
As if I’ve broken the mirror

This forgetful sleep where each piece is shattered
By the glimpse of sunrise;
A deception of late night

I just forgot to turn off my bedroom light

Show me a homeless memory
The past I have ignored
Take me before old friends

Inject the bitterness and make sour the blood

Wrinkle the walls, crumble the stop
Give me screams and please—
Let the words be there in abundance

On this night I’m wondering, what’s happened to fear?

What’s happened to those years spent covering my ears?
A tired suffocation by these petty old ghosts
Strangers I wish I’d never gotten to know


A poem written a long time ago, feeling a similar way I do now. The past is still getting in my way and I want to start over. Destroy what is, and start all over.


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