Goodnight, not goodbye…

Another portrait based on a photo I saw and wanted to draw- for the smile/practice with facial expression. I don’t practice with portraits very much any more and when I go back to it I always assume I’ve forgotten how to approach drawing them. Really though, it seems to be one of those things my mind just knows how to figure out now, even if I can’t explain word for word how to or what the steps are…

I’m working on new writing and sorting through a couple of old poems, feeling finished with writing all together. My life is a mess again- it’s June already- and feeling so well is actually bothering me now that I’m still not working. It’s all going to waste sitting around waiting to start again.

For the mistakes I’ve made, I don’t think I deserve to feel this okay and numb toward all that’s happened, you know? Yeah, I shouldn’t take it this way, but if it’s not one thing it’s another…There always has to be something wrong, something to punish myself for otherwise nothing would move me. And anyway, there’s enough shame to tap into to remind me of just why.

I did a cover of “Goodnight” written by Amy Lee that she performed for a charity years ago. My version sucks of course in comparison, but I followed through anyway:

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