More Fragments

A painting and poem I kept buried for a long time. They have little to do with one another, but here’s a place for them both anyway. Haven’t edited the last painting I finished yet and I haven’t wanted to start anything new.


Slow rhythm of pulse
Guaranteed, it’s giving up

The rose is angry; I’m plucking off its petals
Infected, with only a chill to lick the wounds
The blood and confession had a brutal affair
It was brilliant, now a convict to quotes of negativity
Everything is filtered through tender, sorrowful melodies
Torn silk, botched lace, just more fragments of hate
Where peace fell upon these thorns, one destined design
An effortless bond and full denial of faith
By stories of murdered dreams, little is all it takes
Decay and its fine bargain—she melts in the embrace

Veiled and blessed farewell
In recognized defeat


A new song I added to the music page. The guitar thing I mentioned weeks and weeks ago, finally recorded. Not doing too well personally. I can’t believe it’s almost June…My disappointment burns even deeper for some thing that has recently happened. I just don’t know how to move forward from it.


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One response to “More Fragments

  1. That painting is fantastic! It looks like it’s sketched, so cool.

    The poem has brilliant form & wording, the point is clear and felt. Nice work!

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