How sharp the knife-

This is the drawing of a painting I’ve posted here already, over a year ago. The drawing is stripped down and imperfect–the same way I’ve been feeling lately. The poem is newer, written about someone I know and can identify myself with.

To Redefine

Attention was handed over
You don’t expect it back
Your own affection limps behind
The life you could have had

Background’s far forgotten wall
Granted, stuck, strong and tall
You answer toward every heard call
Protecting all, never to fall

A delicate breath, your
Unusual, gentle selfishness
Though everyone else robs you of your best
You gratefully settle for less

With a faint belief your time will come
If you lived you will live once again
The fortunes of yours they’ve taken away
Will benefit you most in the end

You are what you have had to be
Who are you otherwise?
You’ve never fought to claim your life,
Expressed your thoughts or severed ties

Open your eyes! What do you want?
And on its own is it enough reason to try?
An ambitious weight rests dormant in you mind
What will it take to reawaken?

How sharp the knife to redefine…



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One response to “How sharp the knife-

  1. If only people would give without wanting something in return . . . I think the world has become so selfish that even those who would bestow their kindness on others become jaded by the act at some point. People always end up tearing pieces of you away until it feels as though there is nothing left. If only there were more people in the world like the one this poem speaks of.

    I am frighteningly paranoid toward anyone in the real world who makes any move to do something for me or attempts to befriend me. All I can ever believe is that they want to steal something from me. It makes me angry that I allowed the people of my past have such control over my future.

    Anyway, your poem was a breath of fresh air. I hope all is well with you.

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