A break for the moment.

These are some photos I took at a butterfly show, last year and the year before. I have tons that I’ve yet to share with anybody and this is the start I guess. I’m discouraged with my art lately and have another disappointment completely unrelated that’s weighing on my mind, so the color here is softening the edge a little. Life always seems to have me beaten. I think I’m too weak for this…just all of it.



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6 responses to “A break for the moment.

  1. julia christine stephen

    Keep moving forward. I sometimes think that those of us on this earth that are true artists, feel the sadness of life more than others. The up side of this is we can feel the joys of life more deeply as well. God Bless

  2. Prashant Singh

    Itz Awesome …

  3. Lovely shots! Keep holding strong, your time shall yet come!

  4. They are bright and colorful. I love the orange butterflies and those crazy magenta plants they’re backed by.

    I’ve been kind of discouraged with my artwork as well, so I switched to something new. I bought this old vanity and have been spending an hour or so a day sanding it down. For some reason it’s really calming to work on something that I feel like I can’t screw up…haha. Maybe you could find something new to try? Sometimes giving something new a chance can put you back on track with the other things you do more frequently. I don’t know, just a thought.

    I hope you start feeling a little better and your problems work themselves out. I’ve missed you.

    • An old vanity? That’s awesome :) You’ll have to shoot me a picture once you’ve finished working on it. I love handling old pieces–reminds me of the time I spent restore the old piano I have;really enjoyed it. Anyway, I know just what you mean and it’s advice I’m going to take. I’ll turn toward something else for a while. Seems like I’ve forgotten a part of me somewhere and it’s time to retrace.

      I’ve missed you too and it’s always wonderful to hear from you.

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