Another Misplaced Scream

The sketch above is from a few months ago, just an idea. The writing below came together from collected hours of daydreaming–trying to tie together every place my mind led to. I love the surprises that can come about through writing like that; some of the strangest images and combinations. It helps me along with new drawing ideas too, if nothing else results.

To the Surface

Yellow, at its high intolerant volume
Who needs another misplaced scream?

When black is every way
From the core to which we trace
Stretching of itself the chill scent,
A touch of fear textures this darkness
Allowing you and I to realize right to the limits we do

Most souls are still so cleanly watered down
Weightless within for the halos they spin bright
Of wonderment – still buzzing,
Never are they not in flight.

And if existence feels at all
Time ripples its ache, pinching the nerve.
And suppose for once we are not real
Or what we have risen from knows nothing yet of us.
The itch never to surface in mind…
Desires not in need enough to satisfy…

Well, here is impossible if anything is so –
When light and shadow embrace
By correct heat, an overall sound state –
A familiar beat erupts and wings pop up at the crease
It is just like a stranger’s welcome wave in great surprise
Even though I’ve seen them here and there
And we’ve met several times
The snap spirits in between space and creation
Enjoying the occasion

As the cold and deepest dim collect them wise and old.
Finally, returning them home.


Today I over did it with the exercising again. Going too far ensures that I’ll be too tired to feel much of anything else. Just another escape from the usual disappointments and the shame I’ve yet to resolve. No way out is going to be given to me and I’m stuck having to figure it out. When none of my solutions ever leave me unharmed.

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