With Roots

There are several plant and butterfly photos I have yet to share here, but I’m just starting a new painting and didn’t want to post an old one, so I thought these photos (bonsai trees) would do. The one at the bottom took a while to get used to for how creepy it struck me once I’d gotten home and looked over my shots. Anyway, the poem is years old and was written during the winter months. Just placing it here since I’d never before planned an image to pair it with.


Blandness against my eye
Of the winter sunrise-
Expecting far too much from me
To get ahead of hours when I have no where to go
Sitting here with heat from the vent burning my toes

Rooted like an old great tree
We watch all forms of life fold and peel away
Including each other—
Both without our ways to move

Why fight for what I clearly was not meant to have?
For the light to give them up, the shadows never asked…
Nothing can be safe
When all will do what it will to
Have its way


I’m starting a new job Monday, regular schedule for the week of training. I’m at rock bottom, only interested in finding whatever could be left to gain. Maybe by next week everything will be different, in a good way finally…

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