Of Dread

 This painting is from over a year ago, but I was too embarrassed to share it. Another strange drawing idea I just went along with and for the longest I hated how it turned out, but recently I made a few minor changes to help make it a little more bearable to look at I guess. There’s a small scene on the right side of a lightening strike over water, very hard to see but it goes with the mix of ideas I drew this from. Below is a poem/lyrics I wrote with my guitar a few months ago (it’s about something related to my therapy sessions). I want to record it, but my guitar playing isn’t where I’d like it to be yet. The parts are simple and if I wasn’t so busy or worried about other things I’d have had it done by now…


“You’ve gotten all you can” he said.
“And now we are at end.”

But tell me, is it your faith or does it just make sense?
When I walk away does it mean everything will have been fixed?

Or maybe we’ve gone as far as I can reach
Little further beyond is complete silence…
Or maybe you keep from me a more simple truth –
You’ve gotten all you can from me and we have to be through

So how could I mention I’ve fallen from the sky?
How could I admit I still needed more time?

What a waste I’ve been…but you won’t see it bleed my eyes
I still love the other side
And you spill the rest of life in me
Once we’ve said goodbye.



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