Find Your Own Way Out.

This painting I finished over the weekend. I like to use the cardboard backing of my sketch pads to paint on instead of throwing it away, so that’s what I did here. The image developed over several weeks of drawing on and off. I took a different approach with layering in different shades, mainly in the background. Sometimes I get so frustrated with choosing colors and I guess that was my way of getting around it a little this time.


Will you quit prodding me with sticks?
Stop getting close and
Stroking your fingers beneath my chin

But you want to witness the worth for what you paid
The one soul broken scene defining my history
You bought me for my strength
And now the same as the creature beaten for its flame

One chained to an irresolvable hate…

Slow to settle down and slower to allow you to underestimate me
To disregard my clarity as if this were a game
You don’t believe I say it’s not simply okay to be okay
But I hope the day be soon by the scream I tear you into,
My breathlessness be felt

And desperate as I am to end,
It is sure to overwhelm.


I have new hire orientation tomorrow morning for a couple of hours. The appointment I had with my doctor earlier this week was a big help in calming my anxiety in anticipation of starting work. I’ve lost several nights of sleep worrying, but I think the worst of it is over with. I’m ready now.




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3 responses to “Find Your Own Way Out.

  1. i REALLY like this, beautiful, love the eye. i also use the back piece of cardboard to paint on.

  2. Lovely work as usual, I’m rooting for you Allyson!

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