Until It Bleeds

A pastel drawing I did a few weeks ago. I finished a painting this week but have to wait for a sunnier day to get a good shot of it (I like using natural light). The lines below were written back in the summer that I just held onto from uncertainty.

The Sweet

You have me believe in the skeleton key
Yet every room encountered contains flavorless fog
It feels trapped within the frightened pause before is broken the next song
But I don’t know about it
I miss these hints of wrong
The thread thin and whisper bent constructs fail to converge
A weakness made aware of; the fall need not be far to hurt

Thank you – I now know of love, whipped for my every admission
Here, stressing the esteem in preferring to lie
You could have warned I close my eyes
You’ve occupied your time preaching to deviant-damned
With a most compelling urge to contort my reach of aura
The shifting swimming blends of darkest purple and pitch
I, the bloated sweet thrust before the glutton
The offering to be sacrificed soul
The one you’ll use to cover with, keeping safe your own


Finally good news to share; I was offered a position as a Pharmacy Technician that I immediately accepted. I’ll probably be starting within the next week or two and by then I hope to have my nerves in check-I can’t mess this up. I’m trying to keep my confidence up and not get in my own way this time. Just take each thing as it comes, be patient with myself and remember how badly I’ve needed this chance, how long I’ve waited…


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