Say You Will

This portrait is based off a striking photo I came across and loved. The expression looks a bit crazier than the actual picture, but I’ve never been the best with drawing faces (or anything for all it matters) and the amount of shading was something new for me to figure out. I started this as practice before I began work on another, more complex expression. New lines below. My confidence has disappeared when it comes to what I’ve been writing. One of those times when I see it best to burn every draft and try to forget I ever tried.

A Poisoning

Often and perhaps always
The despot of your soul
Much as I’d like to let go –
You stagnate the whole continuum
And refuse growth,

So with modified approach –
The parasite and sickened host,
Ally turned enemy – I darkened the dream
And seep deep into your base
Awakening its scream
In waxing phase, its scathing wave of
Scorpionic tendencies

Your lesson: a sepsis of mirror and memory
With violet eyes and my seductive, come hither grin
I am felt.
We begin.
You succumb to the chaos within.


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