Someday, the light will break through…

The painting above is the first I’ve completed in several weeks. Just an idea I wanted to see though. I actually learned a lot by working on this- lots of shading within the flower, extra details I’ve never tried before. Below is the last song I’ve finished. More about the lyrics is written in my first music page (at the bottom) but basically one night I spent time thinking about how badly I take the kind words of others, anything nice or the simplest of compliments. And it led me to see how unkind I always am to myself, something I guess I’ve mentioned before enough. There is no compassion when I mess up or have a set back and I take it too far. Anyway, I’m still embarrassed and know it’s probably hard to relate to, but feel free to listen (I apologize for my voice).

Together We Go

Don’t even think so
She’ll never sign for it
Though it would make the difference
Your sickened heart might make it one more day

But the unkindness of her is cruel and sure
And she would never sign it over for you
She’ll lend nothing to help you make it through

And for the best, you must agree
Only worthy in your weakness
Overtaken, held down and hollowed out
More for every moment of hell endured

Be made better, my love…Quiet now your screams
Truth again is surfacing
Close your eyes, remember me
I’ve promised you peace

When all fear has bled and the need removed
I will follow through

When cold and lone be the given light,
Love for life never be known
Together we await a dream all our own
A found place far beneath
We drift the way of fallen wings
This secret of my keep
This secret of me

Together we go
Together we find home

Still working on some new drawings. It shouldn’t take me so long to finish the next and begin painting. I scheduled another appointment for a little over a week from now. There’s always a bit of shame when I contact my doctor for scheduling. I really hate that feeling and by now should be over things like this…


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5 responses to “Someday, the light will break through…

  1. awesome painting. i got ur note, keep in touch, keep paintin / drawin

  2. It’s another gorgeous painting you’ve created here!

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