Even Without Wings…

Sketch 45 “Even Without Wings” 12/25/2011

I didn’t want to wait to share this sketch. I’ve been listening to a song called End of the Dream and the idea came from what I imagined in mind from the lyrics of it. The poem is newer also. I’m working on another drawing to pair with something else I wrote but I’ve been slow about things lately. Trying to find some confidence and just finish up already…

The Courage

You have to be what
Others can safely step upon and over

Always at the mercy of what shifts and spins above

But what if you were not you any longer?
What if every unsharpened edge melted, then
Boiled, then spat in its great defense of your little life?

You gaze as the higher beings are lifted by their wings
Collecting here and there every fallen feather
To supply and form, layer by layer, wings of your own
With grandiose intention to shadow the sun
Or burst to ash in the attempt

The courage of a tiny blip…

Justice as you see fit,
For the window and door that would never open
You become what they are to cut them down
Strip them of their noise
Rip through to rob their core

Knowing they’ve taken from you so much more
As you have always been without a choice




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2 responses to “Even Without Wings…

  1. Ashes: the story of Icarus seems to haunt poets, and the poetry of ideas (as your seems to be) is a rare pleasure…”strip them of their noise” … nice! RT

  2. The sketch makes me think of the idea of looking for the “seeing heart” in all things. It seems more often than not I tend to only look for it in the negative though & forget to search in the positive however but the idea is a solid one nonetheless

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