Within the Wind

The painting above was going to be a throw away before I wrote the poem below and had some of those lines in mind to give me a little direction. The paper it’s painted on was previously folded in half, long before I thought of painting anything on it and unfortunately it’s still noticeable (sorry). The lines I wrote came from another morning walk I took many months ago. The scene of flowers and morning chill left a mark and I had to write something.

The Morning Hush

Early I walk
The whispery fog shies away from me.
Moving further in – trying hard to listen,
To belong to the secret lingering within the mist
Owned of meaning.

Into the meadow, I witness its gathered blends
Of flowing bends and awe.
I’ve caught them un-woken and chill,
Late season wild bloom stunned by
The glittery spell dream of night.
Hypnotized with bliss – grace filled as if
They’ve been granted their one and only wish.

The flavored tints of wind hover motionless above
A welcome belief,
A moment’s mystery freely sipped of reason.
The shared presence between innocent souls
Spared of being told what we’ve become.

For now, be the morning hush
Before all is made a fuss by the warmth of risen sun,
Sorely bothered by the living
Still left to be done…


I’m working on another song now. It has a more hopeful sound I guess, but I like that. For once I’m not so gloomy on the subject I’ve written for.




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2 responses to “Within the Wind

  1. This poem is lovely, it captures something that I was thinking out just the other morning waiting on my bus home from work. There are many beautiful moments to be had in the tranquil times when the world is on “standby” for lack of a better term, “before all is made a fuss by the warmth of risen sun”. Those moments make not great tales of living & yet I feel I take in so much from them. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for reading :) I love when that happens, a feeling comes over me from my surroundings/nature. I consider it very special for how rare it happens. I don’t get out as much as a I should…

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