Biding My Time

Sketch #6 “Biding My Time”…9/24/2011

Scenes Ignoring

The cruel dream
You make it seem all is to be
Just fine
Sky blue morning
Pouring brisk
Your knives…
Be driven further in

And still you believe
Even as the scabs are peeled back
And I go from
Sick to sickest
It lands and settles in

Still, the better you’ve expected
Your honey halo – simply one more hoop
I have been forced to jump through
To say ‘Think light, think of life.’
Say ‘It won’t take me – I can’t die…’

While everything I was is savored and sucked
From between your teeth and tongue
The scene ignoring my circumstances now
Your spilling of rose to rinse me down

Alive here leaves me with
No way out


Finally finished editing every sketch. Now I’m working on uploading my music and creating a new page for the ones I want to include here. Should be done with that soon enough, hopefully. The poem is also a newer one. It came about when I was looking out of my window one day and saw this perfect morning sky, sunny and fresh. But I was feeling pretty terrible that day and didn’t appreciate the brightness so much. Anyway, I plan to begin a new portrait this weekend sometime, if the music page thing I’m trying to do doesn’t take too long.


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One response to “Biding My Time

  1. Some of my favorite pieces of your artwork are the ones with eyes hidden about some kind of surrounding. This one is like something you’d find on a cave wall at some prehistoric site as a form of warning to all who pass through.

    I really like the second last stanza of the poem, they are the thoughts that accompany a beautiful day seen through sad eyes.

    Let me know what site you upload your music to & good luck with your new portrait!

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