Dying Flame


Bubbling, crackling peel and flow
Spilling to the floor

Lazy and ruinous expressions show
Lit by their ugliness,
Sockets hollowed out

Within seconds a beautiful collapse is caught
Its thin blood streams never fully make the fall away
From the ache in the black wick’s curl

Twitching slits made harmless and
Startled from this world


An older painting I updated. The poem is something small I just thought went with it which I wrote years ago after I watched a candle spill apart once in my room. Anyway though, there are new written things as well I’m just holding off on. Haven’t sorted out the right images to pair with them or figured out what to do with my sketches quite yet.

Also I’ve made updates to both the Art and Black and White Photos pages above.



Filed under Life

2 responses to “Dying Flame

  1. That’s a cool poem, especially knowing that it’s about a candles deformation

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