The Opened Door


Heard, felt

And though you’ve tousled my silken web
Made your mess of my exhaustions
I love you enough as
We are same

Fluttering my beat, I am alive and in your keep
I reach with strain begging in vain
To find my way from me

Fully unfix reality

Filter through and flow
Get me there or get me close
Somewhere low beneath the hellish huddle of your wings

The trembling inflections peck and sting all give word
I am more than texture
More than the rough of passive husk

I touch to be absorbed, soaked within dream
From abandoned to emboldened
Honed by the deep inbreathe
And delivered to soul

Utterly alone

In cold nourishing silence, my home
Steadied, remembering all I already know
I am already whole
Just get me there – get me close

Let me let you go.


Brand new painting above from a beautiful picture I attempted to paint years ago. The older version looks ridiculous, but I think I got it alright this time. The poem is also new, part of many fresh written pieces. I’m grateful to be writing again. Just the work itself now is something I find peace in again. I wish it weren’t so often that I lose that feeling.



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6 responses to “The Opened Door

  1. The painting & poem are fantastic, great work!

  2. Caine

    The “get me there, or get me close” motif in the poem struck a chord with me, and expresses a hope that I am unable to find…sometimes I feel so close to an answer, yet no matter how close I am, it continues to elude me, or I am simply unable to see it. The theme of your poem – “get me close” – seems to be enough. But for me being close makes no difference; I may as well be as far away as I ever was. What am I afraid of?

    The painting left me speechless – beautiful.

    (I hope I will be able to follow your work throughout your career.)

    • I understand and also, in reality, don’t think just being near is enough to make a difference, but here I think it comes through from desperation – to find myself far away and apart from what I cling to (or trying to express that…lol) Thank you for reading / stopping by :)

  3. incredible painting! you’ve got loads of talent ;) xx

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