Without chance, without change.

This is a revision of a painting originally completed some years ago but I wanted to share the final version. Just last week I finished up a new painting finally along with something I wrote which is still being edited. Anyway, below are lyrics to a little tune I worked on with my piano. For whatever reason it’s as if I wrote this from the perspective of a guardian or an angel type of thing, someone witnessing but set apart in a way that leaves them not really able to know or see the truth.


All We Expect of Hope

More should be done

You’ve had enough space
Your lifts in darkness and desperate escapes
With enough slips of your blade
You’ve had enough time spent getting your way

And where have the rest of us gone?
With our wings and eyes full of light – we are so set apart
And no one to witness,
No one was there to mark your fall
To hear as you heard the moment death began to call

And oh how you’ve listened…
How fiercely you’ve latched on and taken off with the shade
From the waste of patience, beyond risk and wrong
Leaving behind the place you’ve always known you don’t belong

And we stood still, hearts of a weightless fill
Swollen with all we expect of hope
But there is no better than what is
No more than what’s already been given

And you say love is no reason to stay
You, our broken promise – without chance, without change
We couldn’t keep you safe
Far above, lost to the sun,

We gave you up


I’m still seeing a psychiatrist every week for therapy. Still taking medication, waiting, waiting, waiting, still…for anything to happen. Better yet, to make something happen.



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2 responses to “Without chance, without change.

  1. That painting is so intense, there’s so much energy radiating from it, Brilliant!

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