Take Flight


I took this shot from a moving car. I just looked up and saw a bird formation in the clouds and couldn’t pass up the chance to capture a photo of it…lol Couldn’t believe it.  Below is something longer that I wrote a couple of months ago. I figured I should share it now otherwise it’ll be buried forever beneath everything else I’m trying to sort out.


A sacred place
We splay our faith
We made sure there was room
Spread out, so that nothing else would ever touch you
One sane layer and you became our part
A solid grip; a rooted soul

Risen up from far below

You are brisk breath and beat
Every act and its opposite frees your way to speak
This is all you know before you fall to sleep
Before the eye opened and sky poured a fill of dreams
Of loves and loss and memories all true yet not your own
As those above say to reach and say you need a new home
You can’t be good or right until you twinkle star bright
And fear what life here means alone

From it far impressed upon your flesh
Agate shattered and swished throughout the blood
The weakness, we were sure, would be your strength in the end
When you would know mercy and remember us again
Torn down to reconnect,

Uncover the forgotten…

Shadowers sound, thick and sharp rattling your will
Ready or not, your limbs are bound
Devoured higher mind; a vengeful heat claws out your eyes
Your crown was no exchange
You’ve no choice, no authority
With every new discipline you grow further impatient
Bypassing all wise and wealth granted by this way
But right now you say it’s worth it
The stranger’s call was urgent and they promised to replace a missing piece
Without a clue they intend to cheat you

Garden turned atrocity…
Tall blooms smoked colorless and numb
The horrifying thinness and stark dismemberment of our great tree
How can you remain so small? So thoughtless, so un-evolved when
Every offering feeds your flame?

When every center stakes your claim?





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3 responses to “Take Flight

  1. oooh, i like this :) great pic btw :D xx

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