Of Every Sky

Of Every Sky

They are not there when you look at them
Above like that and all around, as if they are better

And they are better
Because they are all dead

Bled light of godless eyes
The known lifeless of every sky

I wait for them to go out; one right after another
Watching as our grasp of meaning loosens us unsure

We found what we did not expect to find
The spirits of our dead now beginning to die


I am seeing a psychiatrist now. On new medication. Working on a picture I’ve painted before, but that I’m redoing. Making it how it should have been for all these years. I’ve considered it my last for weeks now, but we’ll see.

This isn’t easy…Turning back once a mind is made up the way mine has been isn’t easy to just do or accept. But I’ve still got time. I will see what direction the next few weeks go. All I can do is wait.


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