They’re Gaining On Me


You put us here
And we speak for you
We all infect your silence
We all want you to survive

Just focus, don’t you feel again?
It’s not time to apologize
As your thoughts fall over themselves
We let hope believe it has a chance

Sometimes there’s a way you stare us down
In fear as if we aren’t your own
In fear of just how much we’ve grown and
With us, you fear you’re further alone

Remember, we are all you have to trust
There is no one else who will listen
Or agree with you when you need control
Or lie that your best act is letting go

And be sure, you must never let us show
You must never let those other whispers know…


A recent painting, inspired by a line in a favorite song–just something I’d wanted to make sure I finished. The poem is months old, part of a bunch I’ve already lost faith in. What I’m writing now is actually scaring me for the simple fact it’s so much. None of them can really be called “poems” though, they’re too wordy and long and I’m failing miserably at this too aren’t I…

2030 Calories on the bike this morning. Enough said. I got to the doctor Tuesday.


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One response to “They’re Gaining On Me

  1. The eyes in the painting are very intense, I often find myself staring off like that when lost in my thoughts which is a regular occurence now.

    I really like this poem, it’s a very direct & confident. You may not believe in some of your older works but I quite like them. In terms of what you’re writing now I would worry less about the label you put on them because I’m never clear on the line between prose & poetry myself. Some poems are clearly stories & it seems to me the only thing that makes them a poem is the length of each line & stanza

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