To Fold


Caught at a very bad time
End of another day, this world is in chaos
And no one is by my side
And though I’m unfamiliar, I did not run or hide
I assumed you would excuse this and give me another chance
But waiting is useless, you refuse to understand

Turning the light cold, you start tearing at the fold of
A will that has already folded

It’s what you are, it’s all you do
Speak loud and outrageously, cut everyone else down
And still, as always, no one wants you around

And just look at me now
It’s a constant try keeping a wisp of my own soul
A tiny piece that has yet to escape me
I am like all the rest…full on emptiness
My faith now a lone fray of string
And I would pray to be broken just for this bleed

I recognized your cold light and my ending was told
The moment you said no, I gave up on blame and I let go

It’s all I am, it’s all I do
The wait and sigh—the hidden cry
Dying for a truth


A Photo I took more than a year ago. Poem also about a year old; it’s taken me this long to feel okay with the memory of where it comes from, but hey- I got there. It’s over with and so am I for the most part.



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