With the Flame


You want me gone
You want for my sinful ways to send me on
To that place you pray afraid of
As my faith is not real enough

The fire I would love to see
If only I believed
To live by their lines of truth in lies
Tell me, just who’s been promising?

I don’t touch what has been given, I have always known
You are the unbearable cold; still, no one lets you go

Them and their wide open eyes
So full, so sure in his blessed light
You hold on tightly to this life
But wiser shadows rise

Close behind though you try to outrun
But the end of forever has already won
Believe you are more than you are all you want
Our dying has long begun


New painting – completed about a week ago. I went looking in my sketch book again and came up with three new drawings I’m just now wrapping up. This one reminds me of “Crazed” but with a different meaning. With the extreme way I’ve been pushing myself with exercising and the fasting and seeing how much I can take, it always seems there is a part within that is lit when I willingly challenge myself and push my limits. So, that’s what this painting represents: awareness, self-discipline, sacrifice, and being driven toward something.

The poem is older, one I just never shared before, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to now. It’s no good but the new writing material is going so much better. I’ve resumed studying symbolism and mythology and the time away has allowed for better ideas overall to work with.



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4 responses to “With the Flame

  1. The painting is really great, the use of colour is fantastic & the eye there giveis it a “peering through the chaos” quality.

    The poem is quite angry but justifiably so when those with faith are unrelenting in pressing their strictures upon you. I have a poem with this type of vibe myself.

    “Them and their wide open eyes
    So full, so sure in his blessed light
    You hold on tightly to this life
    But wiser shadows rise”

    ^^^That is a very powerful stanza, the idea that those who preach of everlasting life may be lacking in respect for death & it’s necessity in the life cycle. Perhaps I’m reaching with that thought but that part of the poem jumped out at me

    • You make a very good point, thank you. Life and death are dependent upon one another and that seems to get very lost in the entire discussion: the meaning and worth of it all. Seems that way to me at least.

  2. Caine

    I was struck by the same stanza, ‘Them and their wide open eyes…’ People all seem so certain that they see everything so clearly! ‘But wiser shadows rise’ – brings to mind how we really see little or nothing, that we live out our lives having no idea how, or why…I tell you, though, I’d much rather be aware that I live in darkness, rather than delude myself into believing I really understand anything.

    The painting is amazing. I think one of your best yet. I love the colors, the solar motif, and the eye brings to mind the Eye of Horus. Are you looking at Egyptian myth in your study of mythology?

    • I agree with you. I think it’s better to acknowledge I don’t know and may spend the rest of my life trying to figure it out than to settle believing I do know so well. And thank you for your comments on the painting. I actually used to have an obsession with all things Ancient Egypt, so I’m glad you mentioned Egyptian mythology. I didn’t have the Eye of Horus symbol in mind, but it’s funny how the influence comes through that way, unintentionally :)

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