Black Widow

Right Back to Low

The noise I’d smother
Body I’d bury in the ground
To be no longer tormented by you and your sound

You don’t hear me out here in the dark
But it sees what you have done to me for being who you are
And scar after scar – it sees and knows how far I am from far

Desperately, I seek the peace from my dreams of end
Please never again have me witness
Another rise,

Another non-sustaining high
Then back to my place so fallen
Right back to the low I’d have rather always been.


A new painting I finished last week, based on a larger drawing I down sized to get a better grip on. I’m a little excited about the new writing ideas I’m working on now. I only hope what results is a better voice – something richer / sharper in a way. It’s never easy explaining some of the strange feelings and images that drift in mind, but I’m really trying to grasp them more tightly this time around. If nothing else, it’s passing my days well enough. I still keep to my exercise schedule and sleep schedule and eating schedule, so adding more hours to writing is a nice change – especially when I actually have something to say.



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2 responses to “Black Widow

  1. Caine

    Both the painting and the poem are definitely “sharper” as you say – very precise and clear, with a very electrical kind of beauty. Fascinating painting; tis like being in church and having a Vodoun priestess unexpectedly appear! As for the poem, to me it holds insight, despite what it seems to be saying – remember the lows and the highs come and go, but beyond that, there is WHAT IS….

  2. I agree that the painting is vibrant & I also thought of a Vodoo priest or priestess right in there element looking at it.

    The poem is very honest & I can relate a lot because it honestly seems like I’m ever trying to navigate the highs & lows without ever finding contentment anywhere along the way. I hope Sky is right & “What is” apears for us both

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