Take Her Down

Compassion Spent

She thinks she’s got it hard
But don’t you mind that blood and scar
She will never go too far

Don’t tell me I should listen
I’m as cold as I’ve been taught
If you don’t want help then be that sin
Shame those tears, slip that knot
But don’t bother me again

I laugh – no one believes you
This “agony” has not lost you your head
You have everything; undeserving I’d say
The way you play—you want the pain
You get in your own way

Sad, poor pathetic soul, no I can’t relate
Where is your God, little one?
Tell me, just where is your strength?
So absent you have been in faith
You only have yourself to blame

Your distance outside allows it
This world has you to hate, and
We will call you our mistake for which
Compassion spent is meaningless
You with a life never made sense


Older painting…

I’m sure it’s unattractive, but I do hate myself terribly sometimes. I’m not trying to attract anyone anyway though. Well enough when nothing really matters.



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2 responses to “Take Her Down

  1. Miki

    What a tale you have spun, great rhythm. Love the twist of words and how it’s written in third person. Our ego’s let us believe we’re meaningless yet the encourage us to be proud. How can any one beat that?


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