For the Years I See

For the Years I See

The worries of bitten lips and
Drawn stories marking my wrists
The hits and brutal slits of unwell
In terrifying ways I hurt myself

The way I’m thrown in – to breathe – to cope
Long lasts the numbness if ever I don’t

Make sense of me,
Why do I fight the desperate reaching from inside?
Parts far past beg I don’t just let myself die
I would breakdown, blood within blood
Yet, still not enough to cry

There remains pride for the secrets and lies
I burn and bury every good self to hide
There was truth to what it said
Those words of one voice for every faithless
Sleepers tumbling to the sea, as one move devastates
Awake now though motionless, cold and without pain

With eyes a little brighter – frozen over and true
A fool I’ve been for an old wish yet to have its time
Wasted, for the years I see weren’t
Worth the sacrifice


A drawing titled “Spun Flame”, finished about two months ago from semi-hard pastel–still trying to get rid of the same old box. Working on a new drawing now.

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