By Evening

Bed Time

My head is being eaten by the
Creatures of dark water
Swimming away with pieces of brain
Stuck between their teeth

I’ll smile and pretend today
Then at night, red lines I’ll contemplate
A routine of guilt, it is how I live
They know how to forgive my ungratefulness

Do I have to wake up to hear the clouds whine?
About being so heavy and grey for the sky?
No problem, at least they can still move
I’ve been terrified the rest just believe the sky is blue

They just believe what’s said is true…

And no, I don’t have a story for you, Sissy Jane
So go on, take you medicines, go ahead to sleep
You won’t feel the bed bugs bite tonight
And don’t ever let the nightmares scare the iris from your eye


Both here I just didn’t want to forget about. The painting is pretty old and was almost thrown away before I took a decent second look at it. And this poem has a personal meaning not worth getting into, but the way it’s written is without much hesitation–which is why I prefer it over the newer mess of lines I’m working with now. And as much as I cringed over starting a new drawing, I have finally. I like it so far, but with the amount of failed attempts I just hope I see a way to complete it this time. Most difficult thing has been getting my mind distracted from certain things I’m beginning to obsess over. I’ve truly got to get out of this somehow.


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