So Pretty In Your Pain

Request and Reason


Don’t let me just stand there
If ever you sense a hint of caution
You shake me out of it
You shove me off this edge and
You break me down from why I live

For the way I was looking up
They ask why I did not fly
Why fall to him? Because he takes me in
Always for the dying at last I decide
For movement, to act, to slash and slip
Frantic to somehow let go my grip

With not much of a choice, I choose
I have more of a right to lose
Always with my chance to miss
I’ve opened scars and all my marks
I’ve bled to a bliss


The painting above is older, but I took another shot of it to bring out the color a little better. Still creeps me out a bit to look at this one, but it’s different from anything else and I actually appreciate that it disturbs me in a certain way.



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3 responses to “So Pretty In Your Pain

  1. a interesting and nice poem from kevin well done.

  2. It may not be what you intended to express with this painting, but to me it points out the transitory nature of our beauty or, I should say, the transitory nature of our vanity. The woman looks as though she is/was holding a mirror, but the mirror has turned to foliage, vines and flowers that are entwining her hands, as if reminding her (and us) that we cannot set ourselves apart from nature, and in trying to do so we become something artificial.

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