Want for a Way

A Fallen Fray

These acts of hate are out of pain from within me
From my meaning of you
From what I am, from what I say
It’s all the same, all the same…

And I want for a way to empty myself
And rest from where I’ve been
Fragile is my hope to understand
So do not wait for peace
Not even my own heart do I believe is on my side

I am not safe; shadow wakes to bleed and
Leaves only the truth – I am not brave
And I don’t have the strength to take all that I must take
A fallen fray of the dreaming, I remain unchanged
And spirit strays far out of my reach

I live and breathe the fool;
Desiring a view through this fallen rain
It’s not easy to reignite once without the flame
And of the terrifying few who still linger and loom,
I am one more half soul no one should save


These set of lines were originally written as lyrics, but for the music I put it with I only used part. I think it reads a bit weird, but anyway, just another attempt–trying something a bit different. The flower painting above it is from a couple of years ago, I just never shared the original before.



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2 responses to “Want for a Way

  1. a magnificent picture. even as i was reading the poem, my eyes kept straying over it. ;) xx

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