Sun In Scorpio


Leave this where it lands
Don’t swish it away with your hands

Soggy and chill
The undone dream slithers about
Keep walking, wounds cover your legs
Filth and infection in and out, but go as far as you can

From the hell our world has become
Or rather – what it always was
The people must lie to say you are enough and
They pretend you are above the conditions of their love

Step out dark and wear them down
Petrify them with your sound
Bleed dim their sun and its manipulative front…
Let them know what they offer is nothing that you want

Gathered together – tightly bound, terror swells from beneath
You show them what you’ve found


An older painting here as I work on another.



Filed under Life

2 responses to “Sun In Scorpio

  1. Miki

    I found your poem extremely intriguing.
    Like the dark angles you project with your words.
    I’m keen to read more of your work, thanks for sharing!

    Miks Poems ==>

  2. I love the line,
    “Let them know what they offer is nothing that you want”
    I let them know this all the time, and it astounds their narrow minds and makes them angry, you know?

    The painting is beautiful, the earth tones capture both the ambiance and the harshness of the desert.

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