Somewhere Atop Something

———                                                                                                                                 ———

A careless drift
One wind into another
Those below don’t care for the times I’ve fallen
From their building tops or great bridges
Honored monuments and wonders

It’s the ones who are opposed and have to make it known…
As they vomit their opinions, I run away sick
I grab the constant current and wrap it round my neck
I have to give this meaning
Summoning the scene, my every try and suicide
We’re all in the end against what we truly are

A warning of warped old ships upon the horizon,
I’ve dreamed
Somewhere atop something, yes, again I’m here to try
Sick greens splatter behind gathering storm clouds
My gods simmer with their loud woken yawns above
Just as light has the evil, darkness has a heart
Immortal years blend into its eyes and skin

My wrists… my gushing veins…distress I give this world
When the wounds heal too quickly I open them again
Senseless murders scatter about,
New psychotic breaks
This world that I hate…
It’s no one’s fault – then everyone’s –
Then no one’s fault, it’s on and on and not meant to transcend
Their nature I’ve learned to expect – not understand

But there’s a flow they lap too fast,
They’re always dying off
The night falls, befriends with ease and bends the mind so wrong
Poor things linger, and hope makes a fool of…
See this life and it’s theme of all kinds of suffering
Strung along for a dream never to be reached
For love is conditional, the always dimmed fulfillment
Languid motivation and
Sorrows of success


The poem above was started probably two years ago, just thought it was ready to be seen now. And the photo was taken after a storm a few weeks ago.

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