We hear the news
And after the words ruin the way they do
We hide behind a face
But the truth is still there and we are not okay
And all of our reasons refuse
It feels easier and right to lose

Your high mood and thoughts break loose
To trust is too much once you’ve fallen though
What you think now is not what you knew
And you shut your eyes and try to refute
Trying to will your spirit to move from here
To shift the stick of tears and complexities of years
Hoping a time of rest be near

There is no one else around to scare
And I am the only one alone enough to care
I take in your expressions of disbelief
Creased and asking, ‘Just what have you done to me?’
I thought you understood….There is a heart I do not have
With me, you find yourself down the long and lightless path.


I had to redraw this Amy Lee portrait. The previous version just called for it. I finished it some weeks ago and just thought I’d post it along with a recent poem.

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One response to “Heartless

  1. This poem captures an idea I’m not sure I’ve found in myself yet, a moment when the metaphoric heart ceases pumping & you become stone cold

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