The Knot

Where You Are

I won’t end up the same place
The worlds are shuffled constantly
Snow cold flakes…my shaven heart
I should be what and where you are
My quiet star, wingless one weeping in the dark

Here to see it happen, your death I endure
A betrayal for which I should suffer most for
Abandoned, beaten, re-torn and bleeding more
Arrested soul – the shadows curse
An inner light to scrape and scorch
Your meaning never replaced

My will never restored
A fresh, cutting grief be daily reborn

How is home? Center winds from which all chaos was blown
How given are the waters where from the roots of time still grow?
Wrapped within a truth of truth and purely collected
Vastly far out and unwound
At Beginning and End

Ever many times I decide to end my lives
For the faith from you I have failed to realize
The exalted, forgiving love to me you always meant
I will find my way to you once again


The painting above was meant specifically for this poem, a kind of symbol representing some of the lines. There’s a worry I’ve had since childhood that is the foundation of the poem itself, and I think I’m completely put to ease now through what I’ve written. It’s helped far more than I expected.


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