I know I said I would make it
Somehow I would get by and
Wake up again with the sunrise
The day it doesn’t feels so wrong to try

But less often now do I remember why I
Cared so much to compromise
I recognize your hue
You’ll understand then fade from view
The truth I’ve uncovered leaves our world without a sky
You can’t follow me and there is no where to hide

No treasure rests at the heart of my memories
I have learned to look at them and feel nothing
It’s no longer within me to grieve
One more loss among so many

You are better off left behind


The image above is years old, I just went back and got a better shot of it. I used to do a lot of strange flower type drawings and this one has always made me think of solitude or reminds me of being a loner.The poem was basically a stream of thought that came about while listening to a song. Thoughts about people, disconnection and how far apart certain things can make us. I just needed to write.

I haven’t been doing too well lately. I’m afraid long past mistakes I’ve made are out to ruin my life now. But I’ve surprised myself with the writing I’ve started on. It seems I’m searching for a way to say something that’s been waiting to be told, so I can’t say I’m finished just yet.


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